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We are not only an industry leading studio provider, we are also passionate filmmakers with rich production backgrounds in the commercial, film and television sectors. We work with clients on their media strategies, content calendars and strategic planning. It means we live and work in production on a daily basis, therefore our decision making when it comes to resource provision and advice, workflows and media management is borne out of first hand experience and practical insight.

Our Services


We consult on a wide range of large-scale sound stage solutions all around the world. Our sector expertise, working alongside principal contractors ensures that your construction project is built to meet the demands of modern studio facilities. Whether its just for RIBA stages 1-4, or all the way through to handover (RIBA 7), we can tailor a consultancy package to suit.

Set Design

We supply sets of all scales and complexities and help throughout the design process to provide a look best suited for viewer engagement.

From site specific modular designs to virtual sets with integrated AV, we offer a range of solutions that all ensure maximum production value is shown on screen. To realise our designs we can provide CAD drawings & 3D modelling.

Studio Customisation

How we customise the interior of a sound treated studio is entirely based around our client’s expectations. Typical customisations include; lighting grids, cyclorama walls, DMX controlled LED lighting systems, custom lighting design and installation. We also supply drapes, studio flooring and associated services like make up, green rooms and post production suites.

The final design of the studios and ancillary services is entirely customisable. We have provided clients with options for squiggly carpet tiles and pink gallery walls. It’s your brand, your personality, your studio.

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We can build from the ground up. Our team includes industry leading structural engineers and construction experts to ensure the footprint of the studios is designed to get the very most out of the space for its intended purpose.

This includes; fabrication design drawings, site assessments, steel manufacture & supply, strengthened & floating floors for acoustic isolation, floating rooms, soundproofing, rubber roof solutions for optimal acoustic dampening and much more.

Sound Proofing

All construction in our studio builds is centered around acoustic isolation, soundproofing and acoustic design. Our custom soundproofing uses industry-leading techniques to supply and install studios with testable performance in acoustics. We also offer acoustic treatment options including but not limited to fabric panels, walls, floor and ceiling treatments.

Systems Integration

When it comes to systems integration we design, supply and install complex broadcast systems offering full flexibility in your production and gallery. These range from broadcast-style infinity studios that utilise chroma key technology to automated robotic camera solutions.

We can install powerful routers offering industry leading production capability and live mixing that can be coded with camera cutting presets to touch screen interfaces. This allows powerful studios to be operated with minimum training and expertise, ideal for clients that operate 24/7 studios but require minimal operational staffing.

Channel Management and Strategy

We are unique in not only being able to build a ground up studio solution for you, but we can help you run it too.

Curating content seasons, stripping and stacking the schedule to ensure your content reaches the widest possible audience and helping with a cross-platform media promo strategy.

We also offer ‘op ex’ advisory services, helping to plan programming, staffing and throughput.


Croga Studio Builds offer staffing and crew services for running your studio. We can provide camera operators, audio engineers, lighting operators, vision mixers, producers and directors for pre-prod and shoot days. We are now offering longer term placements of between one week and six months to ensure that you have the best talent to get the most out of your studio solution. 

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