We are not only an industry leading studio provider, we are also passionate filmmakers with rich production backgrounds in the commercial, film and television sectors. We work with clients on their media strategies, content calendars and strategic planning. It means we live and work in production on a daily basis, therefore our decision making when it comes to resource provision and advice, workflows and media management is borne out of first hand experience and practical insight.

Film has always been at the forefront of innovation in alternate realities. Advances in technology has driven an explosion in Virtual Reality (VR), Extended Reality (XR) and Augmented Reality (AR) options both for production and consumption.

At Croga Studio Builds we live and breathe production and for many of our clients we see that mixed reality is going to be the beating heart of learning, communications, immersive experiences, training, sales pitching and product marketing. We have combined our production knowledge and technical understanding to provide our clients with cutting edge solutions that are the most relevant and at industry beating prices.

Each level of film production is evolving and adapting to the changes being driven by the emerging platforms and technology. Here at Croga Studio Builds we are helping people transform their productions, from STEM and education to corporate, manufacturing and financial services, media is the medium that is going to evolve sharply as we integrate humans in virtual worlds.

LED Video Walls

Whilst most in the industry are aware of LED video walls utilising them effectively remains an enigma for many productions. Simply put you can either use video walls for backdrops or for full virtual productions.

LED video wall backdrops provide an interactive display for aiding storytelling and engagement by integrating digital elements seamlessly into a narrative presentation,  you can have multiple panel member contributions from remote guests alongside physical people on stage. 

TTI - Gallery #2
TTI - Gallery #2

There is a significant return on investment with the time and cost savings when using a video wall. In corporate studios we often recommend to build a screen at a16:9 aspect ratio allowing for easy development of graphics and presentations. Clients can then quickly transition between scenes, changing the background graphics and furniture allowing for back-to-back productions.

LED virtual productions is where the real magic happens. Our specialist partners include Disguise, Brompton Technologies and Pixreal LED. Using specialist video wall tiles that contribute to high quality special effects such as 2.5D, enhanced LED image based lighting and dynamic camera tracking. The advances in this technology have changed the use case for LED video walls in virtual production by providing being more realistic backdrops and driving how sets are built and interactions happen on set. The environments can be lit and rendered from the perspective of the camera to provide parallax in real-time, as if the camera were really capturing the physical environment with accurate interactive light on the actors and practical sets.

TTI - Gallery #2
TTI - Gallery #2

LED XR technology revolutionizes production design by merging physical sets with extended reality (XR), expanding visual possibilities. With LED XR, a compact physical set becomes a gateway to vast virtual environments, enabling dynamic camera movements and immersive graphic interactions. This synergy enhances storytelling, offering filmmakers unprecedented scale and flexibility. Gone are the limitations of traditional sets; LED XR amplifies creative freedom, seamlessly blending real-world elements with digital landscapes.

So whether you want an LED video wall for live events, or a full VR setup for virtual classrooms with remote learning, Croga Studio Builds can help you design, build, integrate and operate a studio solution with proven ROI.

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Our clients include organisations such as Vodafone, Sony, Canon, Schroders, Ballys, Vevo and many others.

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