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A boutique media training facility approached us to assist in their relocation to new premises, and took the opportunity to upgrade their equipment, facilitating a broader range of training scenarios and elevating their production values.



Broad Production Requirements

Our brief was to expand on the functionality of the studio within a smaller floorspace, building three separate action areas and an open-plan ‘control room’ into a 6m X 5m room with a ceiling height of 2.5m

Integration of Legacy Equipment

We were asked to design the system using as much of the client’s old equipment as possible. 

Inventory Management

It was necessary to catalogue and photograph every item in the old studio for re-use, sale or long-term storage. To this end we developed a custom inventory management web application.

The Space

The studio’s somewhat unconventional floorplan posed some challenges in the design phase. This was compounded by the landlord’s requirement that we do not fix anything to the structural walls or soffit.





The required training scenarios guided the layout and specification of the studio. The key elements were a news-room style set with video walls, a podcast table with microphones and headphones for three guests, and a motorised background system for green-screen work. The control position is located within the studio for ease of communication.

To facilitate ‘down the line’ interviews, microphones and PTZ cameras were installed in adjacent rooms, and an IEM system and comfort monitor installed in the studio.

With all these elements in place, it is possible to practise a simple version of almost any on-air interaction.



Based on the arrangement of the action areas, we drew up a lighting plan and designed a truss to support the lights, making the best possible use of the available space. As we were required not to fix anything to the soffit, it was necessary to install a free-standing truss rather than a pipe grid.

Inventory Management System

To ensure the safe decommissioning, transport and storage of hundreds of items of old equipment, we developed a custom web application. This allowed us to easily assign a unique ID, categorise and log the attributes of every item, as well as store photos and assign a storage location.

Systems Integration

Having a searchable database of all the legacy equipment helped us maximise the amount that could be reused. We incorporated much of their old video hardware, but upgraded the sound desk and replaced the video switcher with a vMix system. In a true broadcast environment one would expect to see separate systems for graphics, remote contribution, encoding etc, often with redundancy. vMix provides all of this functionality in a form that is very efficient in terms of cost and space and can be operated by one person, making it an excellent fit in this context.



Once the studio was complete we provided the operators with several days of training, practicing each of the scenarios that they would then in turn practise with their clients.



With our experience in studio design, systems integration, project management and training, we successfully guided our client through the relocation and upgrade of their facility.

Vox are now able to offer an enhanced media training regimen in a purpose-built studio in the heart of London.

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