Specialist Recruitment

Croga Studio Builds offer staffing and crew services for running your studio. We can provide camera operators, audio engineers, lighting operators, vision mixers, producers and directors for pre-prod and shoot days. 

We are now offering longer term placements of between one week and six months to ensure that you have the best talent to get the most out of your studio solution. 

Having someone embedded with your staff allows proper time to refine workflows, technical specifications, and intensive training for your employees.

TTI - Gallery #2
TTI - Gallery #2

We can also help with recruitment, with rates lower than HR head-hunters, we can provide the specialists you need as full-time employees. We will advertise and pre-screen the candidates before hosting interviews via video link. Shortlisted candidates can then be interviewed in the offices ahead of an appointment. We will work with the new staff members to ensure that you are getting the very best out of your studio equipment and resources.


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