Reach TV


Kennington Podcast Studio

Croga Studio Builds recently facilitated the build of a large, flexible studio space for Reach TV in Miami, USA. 

We worked alongside Vagabond Design to ensure the custom set, built and shipped from the UK arrived and was installed into the Miami studio. This extensive set has several action areas and a large news style desk. We installed a pipe grid and an extensive lighting set up, all DMX controlled. Systems Integration involved utilising some legacy kit that was moved from the LA studio, and recommissioning it with new hardware and software into the Miami control room. 

The wiring and systems integration was pre-built by partners ES Broadcast in Peterborough UK before being air shipped to the site for installation, commissioning and training.

This beautiful set will be host to an eclectic portfolio of content playing out in thousands of airports screens and millions of hotel rooms across the USA. Croga Studio Builds works intercontinentally to bring UK standards of design and expertise to studio installation projects in every region of the world.