Schroders Wealth Management


Sony - White Cyclorama Studio

Schroders Wealth Management approached Croga Studio Builds to design and build a state-of-the-art 4K capable Media Centre for broadcasting both internal and external communications, contributions to national and international broadcasters, keynote messaging and live events.

This system required full decommission of a canteen area which was retrofitted into three new Media Spaces, the Live Studio, Production Control Room and the Green Room.

Croga Studio Builds installed extensive soundproofing, air conditioning, full fabric-wall acoustic treatment, a custom-made lighting grid with an array of DMX controlled lighting and provided Schroders with four key action areas for filming within the Media Centre itself. These action areas facilitate production against a 20sq meter video wall, colourama area, podcast studio and a lifestyle terrace filming area. Croga Studio Builds also hard-wired in connectivity for four other filming locations around Schroder’s vast City of London offices. This means, Schroders can easily plug and play in these filming zones with control from the PCR. 

The system itself was a complicated one in order to navigate the strict security requirements of the company. The multi camera channel 4K system is driven by a Ross Video core, with telemetrics remote controllable cameras, a Calrec audio desk and Dante network, along with the capability to facilitate multiple call contributions from Zoom, Skype and other video over IP contributions. 

This infrastructure gives Schroders market leading communication capability in an ever-growing world that relies on video for both Business to Business, Business to Employee and Business to Consumer comms.

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