Happy Hour Podcast – JaackMaate

London, UK

citywire nyc - Studio #3

Jaack Mate’s Happy Hour Podcast, YouTube’s finest comedy podcast. Jack, Robbie and Stevie invite some of the internet’s best celebrities to join the conversation.

Working with Victoria Owen the uber talented Set Designer, Croga Studio Builds provided all of the soundproofing, acoustic treatment, systems integration, lighting grid, lighting and production control desk.

There are three camera channels. The system is built around a PC VMix machine for streaming, with Blackmagic’s Router, Video Hub, and Hyperdecks forming the production backbone for both HD and 4K/UHD output. The system can be used for both live streaming and pre-recording content. 

The sound mixer is a Behringer X32, and audio capability includes Shure’s MV7 podcast mics, IEM, and remote caller contribution functionality using the VMix caller functionality. 

Lighting was all SWIT LED panels that are DMX controlled from the PCR.

If you are interested in converting a space such as a warehouse, barn, house, or office into a studio for filming, live streaming or podcasting. Please get in touch.