Dr Tim Pearce

Cheshire, UK

Dr Tim - Studio #4

Dr Tim Pearce is a leading aesthetic clinician and trainer to the next wave of aesthetic clinicians. With a dedicated audience and channel, Dr Tim contacted Croga Studio Builds to take the next step in Production Potential and Design. Croga Studio Builds supplied Dr Tim with four scenario setups recording studio in his new barn conversion in Cheshire, UK. 

The filming areas were split into Live Chair Demonstration area, Desk Set Up, Podcast Area and a Photography studio. All of the zones are linked with tie lines and controlled via the Production Control Room. 

There are three camera channels with one PTZ mounted into the beams to give an extreme close up (ECU) of a patients face and demonstrate technique clearly to the audience. The system is built around a PC VMIX machine for streaming, with Blackmagic’s Router, Switcher, Video Hub, Multiviewer and Hyperdecks forming the production backbone for both HD and 4K/UHD output. The system can be used for both live streaming and pre-recording content. 

The sound mixer is a Behringer X32, and audio capability includes mics, IEM, intercom and remote caller contributions using the Vmix caller functionality. 

Lighting was a mix of spots and panels, all SWIT and DMX controlled from the PCR. There are LED lights built into the beams allowing RGBW colour control to set mood and ambience for different formats.

This barn conversion offers the ability to expand the production portfolio for the coming years as the channel grows. 

If you are interested in virtual production, live set studios, podcasting or anything else, please get in touch.