Studio Production Services

Croga Studio Builds is part of the Kennington Creative Group (KCG), which includes two award-winning production companies: Fortemus & Maia Films. KCG also owns Kennington Film Studios, a 3-stage film & TV studio complex in central London.

Thanks to this unique set-up, we provide a full-range of creative studio production services including original ideas for content, scriptwriting, concept development, talent sourcing, art direction, video content strategies, digital marketing and video distribution. We also have a team of talented animators, VFX specialists, cinematographers, filmmakers, camera-operators, sound recordists, colourists and experienced directors at your disposal.

Creative Services

Once your film or TV studio is up-and-running, you’ll need to start producing and distributing effective, insight-driven content. At Croga, we don’t just design and build studios, we also offer award-winning creative services for marketing, advertising, branding and internal communications.

Our team of content strategists, producers, filmmakers and scriptwriters has delivered numerous studio-based short films, cinema adverts, e-learning series, live-streams and multi-part video campaigns. Their expertise and experience will ensure your content meets its objectives and maximises your return-on-investment.

Directors Roster

Choosing the right creative director for your content can often be the difference between it succeeding or failing. It’s absolutely essential they have relevant production experience, the right showreel, and ideally, know your industry sector inside-out.

Croga’s sister companies Fortemus and Maia Films both operate an extensive roster of talented video, film & TV directors, each with unique reels, creative passions and industry experience. We can help you source the perfect director on a project-by-project basis, who will bring the creative vision to life on screen.


At the end of every studio shoot, you’ll obviously need someone to edit the footage. As part of the Kennington Creative Group, Croga can also provide talented video editors, sound designers and picture colourists at extremely competitive rates, saving you the time and hassle of coordinating multiple third-party suppliers.

We can embed individuals or entire teams of fully-accountable post-production specialists within your businesses premises or studio facility. Or if preferred, we can take the footage back to our range of dedicated edit suites and VO recording facilities in Kennington. Whatever’s most and cost-effective convenient for you!

Animators, Graphics & Visual Effects (VFX)

In addition to video editing services, Croga also has a range of talented illustrators, animators and graphic designers available to work on your content. From simple tasks like titles, name straps and end-cards, right through to 3D logos, animated stings and full sequences that can be dropped into your studio-based video content.

This team also includes high-end visual effects specialists who have created promotional films for numerous airlines, using CGI to place real people inside of plane cabins that have not been built yet! Clients include All Nippon Airways (ANA), Qatar Airways, United Airlines, Monarch and West Jet.

Content Strategies & Campaigns

Our in-house creative teams don’t just devise concepts for one-off pieces of branded video content or single studio-based films, they devise multi-part campaigns and 1-3 year multi-platform video content strategies. Without a comprehensive video content strategy, you’ll almost certainly be wasting money. By planning ahead, segmenting your target audiences and making the very best use of available resources, you will:

• Significantly lower the cost for every minute of studio content you create
• Deliver regular, measurable results, with a demonstrable return-on-investment
• Position your brand or business clearly within any competitive marketplace

Video Distribution

There’s no point in creating great content if your target audiences aren’t going to see it. Investing time and budget devising the right distribution strategy for your organisation’s objectives is just as important as producing the perfect ideas! It’s very dangerous and extremely wasteful to neglect this critical stage in the process.

Croga’s in-house team can help you distribute your video content across a range of global video advertising networks, and optimise your YouTube channel for maximum reach. Often these video distribution strategies are complemented with promotional digital campaigns across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram.

Talent Sourcing

Actors, voice-over artists, presenters and models are key ingredients of many studio shoots. As part of a creative group that contains two different fully-fledged production companies, Croga Studio Builds can cast actors for your content. We can find the perfect voice-over artists for your productions. And we can also source experienced presenters and non-speaking models.

Why use expensive talent agencies and middle-men, when Croga’s team of in-house producers can provide this service for you? They’ve successfully sourced talent for high-end clients and shoots including Qatar Airways, M&C Saatchi & Rolls Royce. All they need is a brief!

TV Channel Management

Here at Croga, we don’t just build film & TV studios from the ground up and devise individual content campaigns, thanks our teams’ experience with TV broadcast and programme-making, we can help run entire channels for you too! Curating content seasons, stripping and stacking the schedule to ensure your content reaches the widest possible audience.

We also offer ‘op ex’ advisory services, helping to plan programming, staffing and throughput. Our experience in strategic content planning and channel management means we are expertly placed to help you with launching your own channel for broadcast, streaming or scheduled release.